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Worship Your Lord With All Your Might

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Know that the LORD is God.

    Psalm 100:1

Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

    Psalm 149:3
We read several verses from the Bible that talks about worship. For a child of God, worship is the heartbeat of his spiritual life. Some say that worship is to be done in quietness and serene atmosphere. But for some others, it is done with shouts of joy and praises. Some worship God in church with just a piano while there are others who worship God with all the loud instruments like drums, guitar and piano. Some think that the worship is just the service on Sundays, while others think that worship is your life itself. I’m nobody to judge which is right or wrong. But the only basis for worship is that it should be done in truth and spirit. Jesus himself said that “I am the way, the truth and the life”. So to worship in truth means that it should be focused on Jesus Christ. Next thing we should know is that our worship should be based on the Holy Spirit. If you do not feel the presence of Holy Spirit in your worship, then you should rethink whether that worship is pleasing to the Father. Next time , when you worship God, ask yourself whether you are worshipping in truth and in spirit.

For today’s devotion, I would like to describe two members in the same family who had two different attitudes towards worship. Its none other than David and Michal. We all have heard the story of David who danced before the ark of the Lord. So for further understanding of the context, I would request you to read 2 Samuel 6:13-23. If you read the previous verses of this chapter, you will see that David had tried several times to bring the ark of the Lord to the city of David. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed according to the book of chronicles, regarding the ark of God. Since David knew the failures that happened during the previous times, he made every arrangements perfect this time while bringing the ark of God to the city. We read that, as they brought the ark to the city, David danced before the ark of the Lord with all his might. He removed his King’s attire and wore an ephod and danced and worshipped the Lord. Now what is this ephod? IT is nothing but a priest’s robe which often shows simplicity and dedication to the Lord. David removed the pride of being a king and wore a garment of simplicity before the Lord and worshipped his Lord with all his might.

Can you imagine that? Being a king, he had a certain kind of respect among his fellow beings. In front of the ark, he forgot who he was and danced and worshipped the Lord. He never gave a second thought on what will his people think or kept his own rules of dignity before the Lord. During that particular time, he just saw the Lord and himself and nothing else. He saw how holy God is and how unworthy he is to even stand before the Lord. He just saw God’s loving hands which protected him and brought him to this position to worship his master. If today, he is a King, that is only because of God and why hold onto something in pride that was given as a favour to him. David worshipped the Lord for who God is and not who he was.

Now let me turn your attention to another member of the same family, Michal, daughter of Saul. Where was she while the people of Israel and David was bringing the ark to the city? I believe that even small kids were participating in that great event of bringing back the ark of the Lord. But Michal was not participating in that procession. she was just a spectator watching keenly what everyone else was doing? She had the spirit of mockery within her trying to despise anything and everything David did. For her, the ark of the Lord was not important and for that matter, did not care about the worship too. Her eyes were not on the Lord of worship, but on others who worshipped the Lord. If you read the last few verses of that chapter, we will see that God punished her for her ridicule and despising comment she made on David. She did not have children till her death.

We saw two different personalities regarding worship? Are we like Michal, just a spectator of worship rather than a participator of worship? While worshipping, are we concentrating more on others…let me see today, how the choir is performing, or how the priest is delivering the message and then I will worship the Lord. Is that our attitude towards the ark of the Lord? Do we have that spirit of mockery in us? Do we look at others and say..”Oh.. that person..look at the way he is worshipping now, outside the church, you do not know who he is?”. Who are we to judge his worship? It is his personal time with his Lord and thats their business and how does that affect us in our worship?

Are we able to worship God like David? He had his own shortcomings, but that was not standing as a hindrance in worshipping the Lord. In worship, we often wear different robes which we are not willing to remove in front of God. We wear the robe of pride, the robe of dignity, the robe of intellects, the robe of status and the robe of ‘who you are’. We are not ready to remove them before the Lord. All that matters to God is your soul. How it relates to the creator…Are we able to forget your surroundings and worship your master? Are we able to sing to him with all our might? Not giving all your strength and all your might,  is holding onto the robe of yours. Surrender yourself before God in worship. Let it flow freely. Let that time be your time alone with your master. Remember, if we are not able to worship God that way, then we are not worshipping Him in truth and in spirit.


Rani John


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