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Share The Good News

Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people,”Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” They came out of the town and made their way toward him.

               John 4:28-30
For today’s devotion, I would like to take a thought from John 4:4-30. It is a very familiar passage and we might have heard many sermons from that portion. It talks about how Jesus had an impact on the Samaritan woman. I would like to briefly describe the context. In verse 3 , we read that Jesus had to leave Judea and go to Galilee. But He needed to go through Samaria. Jews never had any relationships with Samaritans. Then why did our Jesus go to Samaria? I believe that He knew that this particular woman is going to be used to save the people of Samaria. So He had to stop at that place.

We read that it was about the sixth hour. Sixth hour means it is almost the afternoon. Jesus was wearied by the journey and the heat of the day and He sat near the well. Usually women do not come for water during that time of the day. But this woman chose that time for a different reason. She wanted to avoid other women as she was scared of their sarcasms. She was not highly appreciated and her life was a failure. She had five husbands and the is currently living with a person who is not her husband. Her hopes of life is all shattered and she is an object of mocking and despise from many. So, in the afternoon, at the high heat of the day, was her best time to come out of the village to fetch the water.

Seeing her, Jesus knew she was troubled and she needed His mercy to live. He knew that this woman came to the well everyday. Though carrying the water from the well to her home was a routine, she was tired of it and wanted to avoid the association of people. IF only she could stay at home minding her business and not be an object of accusations. She hoped for that. But water was very important and she had to continue her routine reluctantly. Jesus knew how to start the conversation. He asked for some water and that resulted in a life changing conversation for the woman. He offered her the living water. There are many things to describe regarding how she came to know who He is and how she finally accepted Jesus. But since we all know very well about such things, I would like to draw your attention to something else that caught my mind. In verse 28, we see that she left her water pots there and ran back to the people and told them about Jesus and they all came to meet Him.

Did you notice that? she left her water pots and ran to her town. You might say that she was in a hurry and so she might have forgotten that. Or you might even say that what is so specific about that, it might have happened as a coincidence. But I believe that if Bible has mentioned a small detail like that, then it has a significance and its not just mere coincidence. To understand the meaning of it, you should know the value of the water pots.

 We do not understand the value of it because we live in a century where you open your faucet and water just gushes out. But it was different during that era. People struggled for water. They may have many wells, but to find a well with good water was really difficult. They had to carry water for their everyday need. The water pot showed her survival, her burden, lifestyle, shattered dreams and her tiring routine. When she found out the origin of the living water, she knew that she now do not need this water pot any more. Her thirst is quenched, her hopes renewed, her attitude changed at that well, when she found her Master. Till now if this woman was hesitant to come in front of others due to her life’s failures, today, after finding this living water, she is running to her people. She did not think whether the people will accept her, instead  was overflowing with the burden of letting others know what she has received. She left what she brought at the well and ran for others. To be frank, if I was in her shoes, I would have thought, “Yes, this person might be Christ, and its true that He said He will give me the living water, but its better to avoid the risk. If by any chance I need to come back to the well, I need the water pot. So its better to take it with me”.  I’m glad that this woman did not use her logics to believe in Jesus.

One more thing touched me. We know that this woman had a bad reputation among the villagers. But immediately after she said about this person whom she met and told them that he might be Jesus, they believed her and came to meet Him. So her reputation was not a hindrance for them to believe what she said. It is an assurance to us too. When we share the Good News with others, it is not our highly proficient words or knowledge of the Bible that attracts the people to Him. It is not you, but God who does the miracle of making someone believe in Jesus.

Let me encourage you today. How many years have passed since you accepted Jesus as your saviour? When did you meet Him for the first time? If you have no burden to share with others what you have received, then trust me, you do not know what exactly you have received. Knowing Jesus should make you run to others. Accepting Him should make you forget your waterpots…your fruitless hopes, your failures, your routines. The limited quantities of water, filled in the water jars will be replaced by the abundant living water at the well, where you meet Jesus. And that overflowing joy will lead you to others and will guide them  to Jesus.

It is our responsibility to share the gospel,as it is said just before Jesus was taken to heaven. Mark 16:15-16 says He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. so let us leave our water jars and run to  others, sharing this Jesus.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Today’s devotion is my answer to a prayer in the morning. This is a cinfirmation. I will continue to serve him.Praise God

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