Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 12, 2009

Blow Your Trumpets

“When you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the LORD your God, and you will be saved from your enemies.

           Numbers 10:9

For the past few days, God has been showing me the benefits of fasting and praying. In the spiritual realm, though we do not see it, there is always a war going on. The enemy wants to attack us in many areas of life and his main aim is to divert us from the right track. Satan succeeds when we do not praise and worship God. He laughs when we doubt God and His provisions. He plays with our circumstances and make it very unfavourable to a child of God, so that the focus is changed from God to their heartbreaking problem. But when you decide to praise and worship God in the midst of storms, God will help you receive the victory which is already given to you.

In the book of numbers, we see God asking Moses to make trumpets and gave him the instructions about how to use them. In the old testament times trumpets were used for many purposes. Following are some of the occasions where trumpets are used.

     To give direction to the people

     To start a war

     In the coronation of the King
     In the beginning of a new month

     During appointed feasts

     During all celebrations

Let us take just two examples from the bible where it is said that the trumpets are blown. We see in the book of Judges, Gideon fighting against a large army of Midianites. Approximately 300 people were chosen to fight against the outnumbered enemy. But when the chosen ones blew the trumpets all together, the Lord did something amazing. He set every enemy’s sword against his companion throughout the whole camp and they fled from the battleground. (Judges 7:22)

Another example of victory shown in the bible is about Joshua. When the children of Israel came to the place of Jericho, it was securely shut up because of them. It was the inheritance given to the children of God, but the enemy had taken possession of it. According to God’s instruction the people started walking around the wall of Jericho once every six days, and seven times on the seventh day.Every day , they did exactly the way God asked them to do. On the last day when the trumpet is blown and when the people shouted, the wall fell down flat and they possessed their inheritance.

What is this trumpet in our spiritual life. It is our praise and worship…our fasting. When you praise and worship God in the midst of your impossibilities, Satan cannot stand that. In the key verse we read that when the people go for war, they need to blow the trumpet, so that they will be remembered by the Lord and will be saved from the enemies. Why, like that, God remembers us all the time right? He cannot stay without acting on your behalf when you are on your knees, praising and worshipping the God who is capable of delivering you from the enemy who is trying to oppress you. God will remember all the promises He has given you and He will arise to help you. When you blow the trumpets, He will throw confusion among the enemy and chase them away from you. All the weapons planned against you will be used to destroy their own lives. Gideon, was going against an army who was large in number. He just had 300 people, carrying not a weapon, but a trumpet, a pitcher and a torch inside that pitcher. Can you imagine going for a war with such weapons? It do not matter, how strong the enemy is, how insufficient you are or how weak you appear. What matters is that the weapon that God has given you and the right use of it. Heaven is responding when you blow the trumpets. Enemy is just making you afraid showing his strength and power. Just a shout of praise can make him into a confused state and make him flee from your sight.

In the case of Joshua too, we see that the wall of Jericho was so large. They could not see anything on the other side. It was so wide and long. And if you consider the technique God gave them to destroy it, we may find it very inappropriate and not logical. God asked the priest to walk in front with the ark of the covenant, people all marching in silence. When the trumpet is blown, this gigantic wall just fell down flat. Did you understand the power of praise and worship? It can do wonders.

You might ask, “How can I sing praises and worship God, when everything in life is upside down?..when I cannot see how God is going to deliver me from this?”, You may have hundreds of questions and you may not think that the ways of God are very appropriate considering the strength of the enemy. But when you decide for yourself to try this technique of God, you will start seeing the enemy running away.

We see that blowing the trumpets were not only used for wars and battles, but also for celebrations and feast. Many times, we are ready to praise and worship God when everything is favourable and happy, but how about during the time of spiritual wars. Trust me…it works. I do not know how, but it works. I have experienced that many times in life. But I admit that it is difficult to praise God in storms..It takes effort, it takes submission and a unquestioning heart. Are you ready to blow the trumpet?

God Bless,

Rani John


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