Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 9, 2009

Which One Will You Choose, The Boat Or Jesus?

Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.” So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.

                  Luke 5:11

Today, I would like to take your attention to the Lake of Gannesaret where Jesus was doing His ministry. Jesus was preaching to a crowd and while He was revealing the truths of the word of God, He saw two boats left at the waters edge by the fishermen, while they were washing their nets. He climbed into one of the boats and asked the owner of the boat, Simon, later called as Peter, to move the boat a little far from the shore and started preaching from there. That day was a life changing one for Peter. He met His saviour that day and that brought a great change in his  life.

Usually washing the nets is done at the end of the day, after a whole day’s fishing. Peter and his partners had laboured from morning and they caught nothing. It was a bad day for them. Fishing was their livelihood and a bad catch would have affected their mood and attitude. But the presence of Jesus made that day the best one in their lives. I’m sure that Peter might have been listening to Jesus preaching to the crowd. But since Peter was going to be a chosen disciple, Jesus gave him an opportunity to experience His miracle.

I love the fact that, Jesus after preaching , did not just walk away from Simon’s boat saying a “Thank you”. While he was preaching, He understood the heart of Peter, He saw his worries. He asked him to put the nets again into the water. Now, remember, Peter is the best in his profession.  He knows the sea very well. Being a great fisherman, if he did not get any fish after a long day, then who is Jesus to teach him the art of fishing? But you know what? Peter did not question that way. He just obeyed. And that obedience was the first step of his discipleship. When he obeyed, he saw the miracle working hand of Jesus. They got a large number of fish that their nets began to break. In my imagination,  fishermen who saw this miracle might have had different expressions. One might have said..”wow” and another “What a miracle”.Some others might have asked “who is this”. But if you look at Simon Peter’s reaction, it is totally different. When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”( Luke 5:8)

How can the same experience create different emotions in people? When Peter saw the miracle, he received a revelation about who he is and who Jesus is. I thank for all the expereinces in mmy life, which revealed to me the realities about me and the truths of Jesus. Our Master, not only provided the reward for their hard labor, but also gave a spiritual promise. Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.” . But it is amazing what Peter did with the best catch of his life. He turned away from the best fishing day of his entire career and decided to follow Jesus. We do not know what happened with the fish. But Simon was not concerned about those perishing assets, the fish and his boat and he followed his master who satisfied his spiritual hunger.

Child of God, if Jesus has come into your life or He has used your boat for His ministry, He will reward your efforts. He knows your pain, your hard labor, your reward less efforts. He will definitely meet those needs. You are not like any other person who is in the crowd. You are the chosen one. God has a purpose in your life. So He will give you experiences to see His miracle. Even though many might have the same experiences in life, it will be a life changing one for you, as God will reveal His truths to you.

How will we react if we are in that lake with Jesus? we might say “Jesus,Can you just wait here for some time please.. Let me just take this fish to my home, leave everything in the care of my people, my precious boat..let me safely give it to my family because I’m not sure about my future at this point…if in case I need to come back..You know it is always to be in the safer side..not taking any risks”. Or do we just jump in faith like Peter?

 He will also satisfy your spiritual needs and give you promises for the future. What will be your decision? Which one will you choose? Will you go after the abundance, the miracles or will you choose to follow the master who is able to perform the miracles. What will be your priority, the best catch of the day, or the best way of life. Our master will not force anything on you. He has given you the right to choose.


Today, as you read Luke 5:1-11, meditate on the word of God. Picture yourself at the lake of Gannesaret. Place yourself in Peter’s position and think about your priorities. I’m not talking about leaving your job and family to follow Jesus. I’m concerned about setting the priorities. Think about it. Let God guide you to greater revelations in life.

In faith,

Rani John


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