Posted by: springsinthedesert | October 15, 2009

Taste And See The Lord’s Goodness

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

                                                  Psalms 34:8

Today, my husband was sick and I was making him some chicken soup so that his cold and flu like symptoms will be somewhat relieved by a bowl of hot delicious soup. Every time, I make or taste soup, I get reminded of a vacation we had in Vermont to see the fall colours.

Chicken Noodle SoupIt was a beautiful evening with colors of red, orange and yellow everywhere. As it was drizzling, the look and feel of the mountains were totally different. We drove several miles to see the beauty of the nature and by evening we were all hungry and found a family restaurant. Though it was raining, we decided to sit in the closed patio of that restaurant all painted in white and decorated with old furniture and hanging pots of plants. We ordered soup and some sandwiches. I will never forget the taste of that soup. Sipping the soup, sitting in the porch , watching the rain and the colors of the mountains was the best part of that vacation.  Oh..the sweet smell of basil and tomatoes…That creamy texture and taste of all the fresh garden vegetables..I cannot explain how delicious it was..All I can say is that it was just ‘YUMM’. So every time I taste soup, I will go back to that nostalgic feel of Vermont that day…That soup made the difference.

You might be wondering what can this soup do for me in today’s devotion. Let me ask you a question. When I described my vacation and also that rainy evening in Vermont, were you able to imagine that country restaurant with a porch and a bowl  full of hot deliciousness? Words can definitely do that wonder of taking you to the writer’s perspective and imagination. But did you by any chance get to taste that soup? You can  think and imagine the taste and look of the soup, but tasting that soup was my experience. May be my husband and my friends who were with me could remember that taste..and not someone who have not tasted it. It is the same with your Saviour Jesus Christ.

Being born in a christian family and going to church will not make you a christian. It is a personal experience. Knowing Christ in your own life will only make you understand the taste of Jesus. Someone else can explain His goodness and mercy to you, but unless you taste and see , you will not enjoy Him. Your experience of knowing Jesus might be totally different from your friend’s. But the taste and feel of Jesus in your life is your experience and yours alone.

All through the new testament, we see many miracles did by Jesus Christ. If you ask that blind man who was healed, he might say “Jesus is the one who showed me the beauty of this world”. Jairus, whose daughter was raised from dead might say ” He is the one who brought hope to my future”. If you ask Peter, he will say “He s the one who transformed me from a mere fisherman to a fisherman of men”.

IF you ask me, I will say.. He is the one who came in search of me when I was still lying in that horrible pit. He is my Saviour and Deliverer. He is my best friend. I share my joys, my cries and my laughs with Him. He is my almighty Father, because He gives me good advices and directs me in the path I should go.

Jesus is my promise keeper, as most of His promises to me are fulfilled and I am waiting for the rest. He is a miracle worker, as He showed his miracles through the birth of my daughter. He is a healer as He delivered me from all my sickbeds…like that my list continues..

How does Jesus taste to you? What are the flavours of Him that you will never forget? Believe me..You can taste and see the Lord. Experiences of others will just give you an idea of His goodness. Make it your personal experience. Let that experience make the whole difference in life.

In Him,

Rani John


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