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Trick Or Treat

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings

        1 Peter 5:8-9

Trick or treat….Sounds very familiar right? Every year, in the month of October, people celebrate Halloween. And kids dressed up in many costumes come to our houses asking “trick or treat”. I’m not here to write anything about halloween, whether its right or wrong ,as I dont want this blog to be a media for arguments. My concept to every festival that we celebrate is to understand the origin of it and ask your heart whether you really want to celebrate it or not and what does it convey to the world about our faith. Just because we live in a society which celebrates everything, does not mean that you need to follow them too. Coming back to my today’s devotion..I would like to confess few things and at the same time write a topic which I learned from that.

For past few days, I was not able to pray properly. I’m not talking about prayers like

“Lord help me to live this day for you”

“Help my family”

“Help my daughter to be healthy today”

I’m not saying that these are not prayers and God will not hear such simple prayers. But when I said I could not pray properly, I meant I could not really feel the presence of God sitting with me, listening to what I was saying, and also answering me. Though I was praying while cooking, cleaning and doing my chores, I did not feel His presence as I used to feel before. I was doing everything that He wanted me to do…writing devotions in the blog, meditating the word of God and doing other things that pleased Him. But still, I felt like empty, sometimes very frustarted, unusually angry and very moody. I could really feel my negative emotions creeping to my family too.

Slowly I noticed, someone else knocking my door too..Somebody saying “trick or treat”. Sometimes those tricks came as temptations…Temptations can be defined as the act of alluring us to do something wrong. It also has another meaning where you are tempted not to do something right. I was tempted not to pray…not to concentrate much on the word of God and not to do anything good.

Another trick that Satan played on me is to make me think his thoughts…Thoughts that will produce anger, resentment and frustration. I am not saying that we should never get such emotions…but when they tend to stay longer than they should be…then its a trick of the enemy.

Some of the tricks that he plays on us can be easily detected by a child of God. Sooner or later, the HolySpirit within us will let us know that we need to get back in track. But there are some tricks that the enemy plays which is really difficult for us to understand, as they are sugercoated and in the shape of “treats”.

Past few days, he has been offering me his treats too. First treat that he offered was to think that “Hey. I’m doing all the efforts to perform my duty, as a child of God, as a wife and as a mother…but my efforts are not appreciated and why do more..” Can you relate to these thoughts??

First,he makes us feel really good to think that you are doing everything in this world for everyone. Secondly, he makes us think that nobody is doing anything in return..slowly it will change to a negative atttitude towards your duties. You forget that whatever you do, you are doing for God and not for people around.

Another treat that he offers is to have self pity. Self pity is a dangerous thing. It makes us feel so good to have that securty blanket of self pity with us all the time. There are different types of self pity.  This type of self pity makes you think that you alone in this world is having this much problem. It makes you think that you are not previleged like many others you know. Since it is all sugar coated you do not understand the actual flavour behind it.

Today, as I was cleaning up my house, Holy Spirit started speaking to me everything that I wrote today..He also told me the heading of this thought and also related it with the “trick or treat”. A verse was also reminded to me from the Gospels..

When he rose from prayer and went back to the disciples, he found them asleep, exhausted from sorrow.”Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation

                                                Luke 22:45-46

I’m sure that many out there,just like me, have been tempted by the tricks or treats, Satan is offering. Not praying, not sitting in the presence of the Lord will lead us to temptation. if the light of Jesus is always switched on, in our hearts, then Satan will not knock on our doors with this “trick or treat”. Beware of Him… You may not have time for anything else in life, but make sure you have some time for prayer…I am not talking about family prayer, but quality time with you and your Lord. Most of the time, our prayers are filled with our prayer requests. Instead, be in tune with Heaven’s frequency so that you can hear even the slightest whisper from God. Let your prayer closets be filled by the glory of God. Only such quality times with the Lord can prevent the enemy from knocking your door.


Rani John



  1. I see my face all over this message, as if written just for me. It is like a chastening, awakening and also calling my senses to be more vigilent to satan’s deciving thoughts thrown into my mind. Indeed the quiet time with our Lord is all the noursihment we require to meet and live each day in joy and thankfullness regardless of everything.

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