Posted by: springsinthedesert | October 6, 2009

God Delights In Your Steps

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and HE delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.

       Psalms 37:23-24

One of our closest family friend has a beautiful baby girl who is going to be one. As she started walking, it is a real joy to watch her. Whenever she visits us, we make her walk from one end to the other, with me and her mother sitting at both ends. The excitement on her face is just amazing to watch. The first few steps will be slow and then she just runs to the other end. In between those tiny steps, she falls countless times. Some falls dont even bother her at all, while some others are real hard. The moment she misses a step, we all run to stop her from falling, which will eventually make her lose balance. No matter how many times she falls, we all enjoy her walking with that smile on her face. I’m sure everybody loves to watch a child taking her first steps.

Today, as I was reading this Psalms 37, this verse was made more clear to me as I related it with the real life incident of a baby’s walk. Our God, the Father, loves to watch us take each steps in our christian life. It delights Him to watch us, making every effort to move forward. Just think about it…The God who created this universe and everything in it, is concerned about our walk. Even before we were born, He has set the steps in our path. At the same time, He has given us the right to choose. He waits for us when we go astray. As some falls are due to our own missed steps, some others are allowed by our God, as He knows that these falls strengthen us from within. This journey of ups and down help our feet to be strong.

footprintsWe often carry a blueprint of our future plans with us and assume that it is the will of God. But, God in His ultimate wisdom knows every details of His plans for us and orders our steps accordingly. How do we know that the next step we take is according to the will of God?

First step is to ask God’s will. In order to ask His will, we need to have a trust in Him. We need to look beyond our own understanding and trust Him.

Next step is to wait for his answer. Whenever I am confused about a decision I am supposed to make, I ask God’s direction in that matter. Most of the times, He aswers me through the word of God. Sometimes, Holy Spirit speaks within my heart. There are times when God has spoken to me a specific thing and He confirms it through the word, or through a friend or even a situation in life.

Obeying God is the next step you need to take in your walk with Jesus. When He shows you a direction, go in that path eventhough you do not see a clear way in front of you. He will be your light and will show you step by step. And if you stumble, He is there to hold you and bring you back to your path.

Next step is to walk by faith. We read in the gospel, about Peter who walked on water. When he started his steps, his focus was on Jesus, but as soon as he concentrated on his walk and the medium on which he was walking, his focus was changed and doubt crept in. When we take our steps, let our eyes be on Jesus. Let us not be discouraged by the circumstances we are in. Let nothing in this world take away our attention from Jesus. 

Many times , we miss God’s orderings of steps in our lives, because of the bad choices we made in our past. Do not be comfortable in that fallen state. Jesus is standing next to you. He will help you get up and will lead you to the steps in His plan for you…but only if you ask Him. Falls that you faced were more than enough to destroy you completely. But God’s loving Hands protected you from that “utterly cast down” state and helped you to stand again on Him, The Rock. 


Are you facing any trouble in making a decision? Are you confused about your next step in life? Please do not hurry and take any hasty decision. Ask God’s will and wait for His direction. Listen to Him and Obey Him. In faith, take the next step. 

In faith,

Rani John


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