Posted by: springsinthedesert | September 17, 2009

Strong Faith Moves Heaven

But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”

              Luke 8:46

Today, as I was going through one of my favourite books, I came across a letter sent by a close friend of mine. It was written almost 7 years back and in that she had written about all the fun we had in our college days. It reminded me about the carefree life we enjoyed during those times and kept me thinking how much life has changed in the past few years. As life moves on, you face lot of struggles and trials. Its not at all the same as yesterday. After I got married, I have come across many couples and families who go through different kinds of problems. If some face financial problems, some others are troubled by their family life. Many are tortured by their sickness and loneliness. If we look around, you see people struggling , one way or the other all the time. Nobody is excempted from these struggles of life. But when I think back, all the trials that I had to face has defenitely made me strong and more mature. It has helped me to be more closer to Jesus.

jesus_womanFor today’s devotion, i would like to share the story of a woman who struggled in life. If you read, Luke 8:43-48, there you see a woman who was suffering from bleeding for 12 years. Can you imagine the way that woman must have felt all these years? Bible says she had spent all her livelihood on physicains and could not be healed by any. Physically, she must have been really drained out due to this heavy bleeding ,not for one or two years, but 12 years. I believe that she must be financially at a loss too, if she had spent her livelihood on physicians. Imagine all the remedies they must have advised her….One after the other she tried everything and she was coming back to the same situation.

Now, during those biblical times, a woman with bleeding was considered to be unclean. They were not supposed to be in public. Not only that they themselves were considered unclean, but everything that they touched were also unclean. Think about her emotional pain. She always walked around with the burden that by any chance she should not touch or contaminate anybody else whom she comes into contact with. She constantly felt that fear of accusation which we can see in verse 45 when Jesus asked who touched him. We read that she came in fear and trembling. While reading, just imagine yourself at her place and feel how she felt. That society in which she lived is totally different from ours. Feel her physical stress, financial loss and also her emotional pain..What would you do if you were in her position?

Let me share with you my imagination..That woman must have heard from somone that Jesus is passing by her town that day. When she heard about all the mracles he did, she felt that this man can heal her. But at first, she must have considered her situation..Is it possible to go meet Jesus? Will people accuse me and stone me to death? What if I’m not able to walk upto Him? What if people opposed me? She must have had hundreds of questions…But when she looked at her body, she saw how pale and weak it was…she remembered all the physical torture she had to go through all these years..She looked at her house and saw how limited she was due to her illness..Oh.. how lonely and rejected she felt…People looking at her with that deprived snare…feeling unworthy all the time…slowly her heart started beating very fast…she knew that she wanted a solution for all this…How long have I been struggling like this..Strength started coming from within..she started walking and then slowing she began to ran…Her focus was only on Jesus..She did not see the crowd..she did not hear people screaming at her…her aim was to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment..While she ran, she kept thinking about the struggle of her life and that gave her the strength to overcome all the obstacle before her..and finally she made it. She touched the hem of Jesus garment.

Have you ever felt that feeling.. like everything around you, all the world stopped for a while….? In my imagination.. I see…Jesus stopped…Disciples stood still…the huzzle and buzzle of the town stopped..just a pause..The lady must have thought that she could go unrecognised after touching Jesus. But that was not His plan. He turned and asked “Who touched me?”…What are you asking Jesus? There is a multitude that throng and press you and how can you say somone touced me??? Oh..Jesus is saying…This touch is different..its not a mere touch..its a touch pregnant with faith..and I feel power released… We know the rest right?.That lady was healed in that instant and she was brought before the public and I love the answer that Jesus told her…”Daughter, be of good cheer, your faith has made you well…Go in peace”. He knew that all these years, due to her condition , she had faced rejection and loneliness. So He called her “Daughter”. What more do you need than the acceptance of our Saviour and Master..Jesus addresses her second problem..She has never felt happiness or joy …so He said “Be of good cheer”. Also the peace that was taken away from her in these 12 years ,was restored to her. And Jesus said one more thing which gives me goosebumbs everytime I read…”Your faith has healed you”..Jesus is saying..Its not the power of my garment or my touch, but its your faith my child that releases my power. I stronly believe that, even Jesus’s shadow has the power to heal the sick, as He is the son of God. But He acts according to our faith.

If only we had that simple but strong faith…to run to Jesus for our struggles…ignoring our circumstances, overcoming our physical conditions, closing our eyes to everything in between Jesus and us.

If only we had a heart that repeatedly says..”Jesus alone is the solution” and a mind that reminds us all the struggles that we are facing for years, we would have ran to our Master. We may just want to touch his garment, but He is ready to come into our hearts and to our lives.

Sorry for writing a long devotion today, but as I’m writing I’m not able to control my tears..I feel Holy Spirit moving…I pray for someone who is struggling in life..feeling unworthy..depressed and troubled by everything around..I feel that pain..I pray that everything that troubles you gives you the strength to run to Jesus. Build up your faith. Your healing is just few steps away. Run in faith..You will be full only when Jesus comes into your life. Nothing else will satisfy you..The emptiness that you feel can only be filled by Jesus. He calls you his very own..You are his priceless possession. Run to Him. Accept Him as your Saviour. He died on the cross for you…so that you will have life in abundance…He will stop for you. Your courage to touch Him will be brought into the same people’s attention who rejected you so far. This is your day.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. Rani,
    I can see that you are spirit filled when you wrote this devotion……….It will be a blessings to everyone who reads this.

    • Thank you…I have never felt this way before with any of the other devotions…My heart was just beating fast when I posted the devotion…I pray that many will be blessed with this…Please pray that I will be able to write everyday with this mighty presence of the Holy Spirit…If that is the case, I’m sure that it will just work wonders in many lives.

  2. Rani,

    This devotion is so encouraging and I can see that you have been guided by the Holy spirit throughout when you wrote this. I’m so glad you posted it. Keep posting more….I know you will because Holy spirit is in you and you have the talent for it. God bless you.

    • Thank you so much…This particular devotion was a blessing in my life too…Once again this taught me the lesson that Holy Spirit moves in a way you can never imagine….

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