Posted by: springsinthedesert | July 30, 2014

Hold On To your Promise

Do you carry a dream of God? Are you conceived with a promise from God? In this journey between conception and birth you might go through many pits of betrayal and misunderstandings. Remember that nothing can destroy the seed that God has put in you…circumstances, people, the plots of the enemy..the four walls of man made boundaries…nothing can stop you from receiving what God has purposed for you. Don’t give up on your promise just because your circumstances are unfavorable. Be still in this wait and trust God to work for you. To Read More

Posted by: springsinthedesert | July 7, 2014

Peace As A Person

We often hear people talking about peace in the midst of a storm, but it is difficult to understand the beauty of it until you experience it personally. It is easy to say that we experience peace when everything in life seems so easy and smooth. But to experience ‘Peace as a Person’, it’s amazing and it often happens in the deepest valleys of your life.

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Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 16, 2014

A Revelation That Changes Your Future

How often are we caught up in our own lives and forget the heart of Jesus? We look to ourselves…our struggles, our challenges and are satisfied when we are comforted by Jesus in those areas.  As someone said, we know a lot about the Jesus in the manger…but very less about The Lord of Hosts in His glory. In the midst of our difficulties , when we focus on this resurrected Christ , we see a change in our focus…from ourselves to outside. John when saw Jesus in His glory, fell down as though dead and was strengthened for the great mission of being a messenger to the seven churches. To Read More…


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